Asp Dot Net Development

The .NET Framework represents a unified, object-oriented set of services and libraries that embrace the changing role of new network-centric and network-aware software. In fact, the .NET Framework is the first platform designed from the ground up with the Internet in mind.

Benefits of the .NET Framework
The .NET Framework offers a number of benefits to developers:

A consistent programming model
Direct support for security
Simplified development efforts
Easy application deployment and maintenance
Step by step learn .NET Framwork
Step I – ASP.NET Basics
– Understanding the .NET Framework

– Getting Started with ASP.NET

– Building Forms with Web Controls

– Using Rich Web Controls

– Creating and Using Custom Controls

– Validating User Input

– Debugging ASP.NET Pages

Step II – ASP.NET Database Programming
– Introducing ADO.NET

– Understanding Data Binding

– Working with Data Grids

– Using Templates

– Using SQL Server with ASP.NET

– Advanced Data Binding and XML

Step III – Advanced ASP.NET
– ASP.NET Application Configuration

– Developing Business Objects

– Building HTTP Handlers

– Understanding Caching

– Building Wireless Applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls

– ASP.NET Security

– Localizing ASP.NET Applications

– Deploying ASP.NET Applications

Step IV – Building Web Services
– Introduction to Web Services

– Web Services Infrastructure

– Understanding SOAP

– Building a Web Service

– Deploying and Publishing Web Services

– Finding Web Services

– Consuming Web Services

Step V – Building ASP.NET Applications
– ASP.NET Blackjack

– Chatty Discussion Forum

– Visual Basic Syntax

– Visual Basic Functions and Features