Logo Designing

Logo Designing

Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. The logo (ideogram), is the image embodying an organization. Because logos are meant to represent companies brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition, it is counterproductive to frequently redesign logos.

Some Points to be  Remember Always

  • Your logo will be unique and memorable.
  • You won’t run into any problems down the line with reproducing it.
  • Your logo will have a longer lifespan and won’t need to be redesigned in a couple of years.
  • Your logo will look professional.

Logo Types

  • Concept Logos
  • Professional Logos
  • Creative Logos


Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Main Factor :

Imagine your self going to an important meeting in a tattered suit, messed out hair and incorrect information, what sort of image would you have. Do you think you would be successful? To answer the question———— absolutely no way, you would not even be considered

Your website is your representative on the Internet; it is the reflection of your image. A tattered, messy website with broken links, incorrect content, missing metadata is also not worth considering.

The sole reason for a web site is to advertise to the world in large about yourself or your company. Imagine what sort of advertisement such a messy and un-maintained site would do. Even the best developed website needs constant maintenance and up gradation to remain at the top of the search engines and keep users coming back.

Website Maintenance is composed of six areas.

• Publishing- to keep content up-to-date.
• Quality Assurance-to spot errors on a site.
• Feedback Monitoring- communication with website visitors.
• Performance Monitoring-to measure activity on a site.
• Infrastructure Monitoring- to ensure a sound technical footing for a site.
• Change Control- to manage ongoing technical or other changes in co-ordination.

Maintenance & Up gradation:

Website Maintenance encompasses various actions needed to guarantee the operational integrity of a site.
This means regularly checking off

Broken links.
Missing content, e.g. images.
Missing page titles.
Spelling and grammar of content.
Missing metadata.
File sizes of pages to ensure they are not too large
Browser compatibility

Web Site Optimization

Web Site Optimization

Owning a search engine friendly website that is optimized with all the necessary internet marketing strategies is the best way for acquiring overall impression and web traffic. In website designing, there are some important basic rules that you have to follow. Moreover, these multicolored designs can give eye strains and annoy your clients who are in search of a specific product or service that you offer. In this article, we will come to know about some of the best methods that can help in levering the quality of your website.

The most important search engine optimizing strategies include webs site designing along with article marketing, email marketing, forum posting, link building, link exchange etc. Most of the webmasters stuff their website with colorful graphics, images and flash animations with the intention of grabbing the attention of their clients. Always use straight forward navigation menu that is user friendly other than included flash based complicated menus. If visitors fail to navigate easily, they will move out from your site. If you require adding audio compulsorily, it is better to provide them with volume control or mute option.

Today, there are numerous internet marketing techniques available that help in generating traffic and sales towards your website. Always use simple fonts when creating contents. Create your website in such a way that it can be easily navigated. The ability to generate traffic to your website is also vested on the impressive website you have. Using unnecessary banner advertisements are also not recommended. It should be such that it can convey right messages to the targeted audience without confusing them. You should employ them for your website wisely.

Website design is a very important strategy for the efficiency and performance of a website. Using audio on the site is also a bad idea as it can annoy your readers while reading the contents. But including such applications can in turn affect the loading period of their website. The description and the title you give to your website content should be simple to digest and up to the point. Therefore, avoid the mistake of crowding your website with images so that the contents are unreadable. Always focus in creating simple and valuable contents with relevant links only.

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Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

A Ladder for the Success of Your Business

In today’s scenario, we are totally dependent on the Web for all our requirements whether it is personal or professional. According to the survey the importance and usage of the Web has improved enormously in the past twenty years. Therefore, it is essential that you know about the intricacies of Domain Name Registration

Domain Name plays a vital part in the success of a website. The domain acts as a website address and enables the target customers to reach your websites and convert into the potential visitors. Therefore, Domain Registration is essential to reach out to your target audience.

Below are some of the essential facts that should be kept in mind while registering a Domain Name:

1. Get registered
As soon as you have decided the name for your website, you should get the domain registered. The registration assures you that no one else can use the same name until you are registered over there.

2. Go for a short name
You should always focus on registering short Domain Name the reason is that the short names are easy to recall. It is also important that the name correlates with the services and products offered on the website, as this makes it easy for the viewer to turn up to you for their searches.

3. Be aware of the cheap offers
You should be careful of the registrars on the internet as you can find plenty of them with cheap offers, such as free registrations or weekly contest etc. So, authenticate the registrar before you go for a Domain Registration. Effective Tips for Domain Name Registration

1. Opt for a relevant name
As mentioned earlier you should opt for a Domain Name that is truly relevant and is related to your products and services. This will help in search engine optimization and driving relevant traffic onto the website.

2. Don’t go for dashes (if possible)
You should avoid using dashes as it complicates the Domain Name and reduces the recall value of the URL.

3. Opt for familiar extensions
You can have a Domain Name as .com, .org, .net etc. Many other extensions are also available, however it is advised to opt for a more widely used extension

4. Choose the right service
It is very essential to find the right Domain Name Registration service. If you do not want to get duped by the fake registrars then do your homework regarding their legitimacy and range of services.

Your Domain Name is an essential part of your business, whether it is small or large.


Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The Internet is the goldmine of the 21st Century. Those who know how to leverage on online marketing tools and online marketing services will be able to multiply their business profit very quickly.

Marketing your business online is very profitable because of the characteristics of the Internet. While your brick and mortar shop reaches to a few thousand residents around your area, you can literally reach out to millions of consumers in the Internet World.

You can automate almost the whole business process so that you can run a real business by spending just a few hours a day. Even if you don’t have all the necessary skill set, you can outsource the works at low prices.

Online Marketing is the only way for ordinary people to become rich without spending thousand of dollars to start a business, or spending years to acquire a tertiary education. Everything you need – online marketing services, online marketing tools, and affiliate marketing tools – to build an online business is available to you. These marketing tools help manage your business effectively.

Once you build an Internet money making system that runs on autopilot, it generates money for you while you sleep, and even when you are on a vacation. There is no security in the real working world because when you stop working, the money stops flowing.

With the right online marketing tools and services, even a one-person business can earn as much as a big corporation. The Internet makes an even playing field for all players – big or small.

There are three things you need to succeed in an online business – a good product, a good sales page and traffic.

The first thing is to find a hungry market. How can you find hot untapped niche markets that are overlooked by the majority? With this new powerful software, Micro Niche Finder, you can find highly lucrative keyword phases with lower competition. This secret weapon will enable you to dominate these niche markets.

Once you identify a hot market, create a product to feed the needs of these hungry consumers. You can engage a ghostwriter to create your ebook, a graphic designer to design your ebook cover and a copywriter to design your website. Outsource your product creation at elance.com or guru.com.

Now that you have the product, where do you sell them? One of the best places is sell your digital product is at clickbank.com. Rather than selling it yourself, you can leverage on an army of affiliate marketers to sell your products. The best part is that you do not have to incur any overheads nor pay them a salary to work for you. They are paid only when your product is sold. The affiliate marketing tools at clickbank.com automatically takes care of the online payment by the buyer, and payment to your affiliated sales people and to you.

If you are selling physical products, set up an e-store at ebay.com. People who visit ebay.com are ready buyers who know what they are looking for. By selling on Ebay, you do not have to worry about attracting traffic. It is very easy to set up an e-store. You do not have to engage a programmer to set up an ecommerce website for you.

One of the most important online marketing tools that you must have to build an online business is an autoresponder service. With an autoresponder, you can follow up on your prospects with email messages automatically. You can subscribe to Aweber.com, the most well known online marketing email delivery system for about $20 a month.

Many of the marketing tools and services you need to build and run an online marketing business online is available at my website. Drop by and feel free to email me if you need any help.


Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Convey your business message creatively

Graphic design is a brilliant way of expressing the message of your business to the user. It enhances the reputation of your company in the online business world. It uses different typographies and pictures in an apt manner. Great deal of thinking, foresightedness, vision and creativity goes into the creation of graphics which in fact can appeal to a sea of visitors. Text or graphic elements should be soothing. The design should be such that it pleases the audience and turns them into potential customers

The importance of graphic design in website designing cannot be ignored. It is an integral part of any website. Graphic design as well as web design plays a pivotal role in enhancing the appeal of your website. Therefore it becomes essential for businesses whether it’s a new or established business to take the services of a graphics designing company to develop a quality website. It has been seen many times, a site might be coded very well with advanced JavaScript functions but fails to get visual appeal, this means the site lacks good element of graphic designing. If you want your site to talk to your targeted audience, we can help you with our creative designs. You can come to us for a high quality graphics and website design as we are one of the most reliable graphic designing companies across the globe. We are highly creative, innovative, always buzzing with ideas.

So if you are in need of an outstanding visual tool to project your products and services in a unique way, you can trust our graphic design and web design services to deliver it for you. We are considered as one of the best in graphics designing, website designing and development. Our superior quality designs will give new meaning to your business and surely it will help you to reach the summit.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

earch engine optimization is the process of achieving top rankings in the search engines for a website’s most relevant search terms. The most relevant search terms are the phrases that people are most likely to type into a search engine when looking for what the website has to offer. These are the search terms that it is essential to rank highly for, and these are the search terms that search engine optimization targets.

The acronym “SEO” can refer to “search engine optimizers,” a term adopted by an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients, and by employees who perform SEO services in-house. Search engine optimizers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing campaign. Because effective SEO may require changes to the HTML source code of a site and site content, SEO tactics may be incorporated into website development and design. The term “search engine friendly” may be used to describe website designs, menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that have been optimized for the purpose of search engine exposure.

Search engine Optimization methods

  1. Getting indexed
  2. Preventing crawling
  3. Increasing prominence

Search Engine Optimization – the basics

  1. Link structure within the site

Make sure that all pages link to at least one other page. It is good to structure the internal links so that targeted search terms are reinforced. E.g. organize the links so that a topic’s sub-topic pages link to the topic page with the right link text (see below), and vice-versa

  1. Off-page elements

 Link text

some link text
  1. On-page elements

The Title tag

<title>some title words</title>

The Description tag

<meta name="description" content="a nice description">

The Keywords tag

<meta name="keywords" content="some keywords">

The H tag

<Hn>some heading words</Hn>
"n" is a number from 1 to 6; the biggest heading size being 1.

Bold text

Bold text is given more weight than ordinary text but not as much as H tags.


Use the search term as often as you can on the page whilst not detracting from the page’s readability.

Alt text

<img src="url" alt="some alt text which is displayed on mouseover">


Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce Solution

Futuretronik created an environment where consumers found it very easy to shop online and also in making transactions. Business and communication have become effortless over the past few years and things have changed for the better. Still, there are critics simply not convinced at the foolproof organization of ecommerce solutions on websites and their deployment. Offshore outsourcing companies have strived very hard to cement their credibility but still have not been able to put an end to this raging debate.

The benefits of ecommerce solutions have been many. Offshore outsourcing companies India providing these solutions have been able to create a 24*7*365 business environment for organizations where operations are on the move all day. Physical presence of personnel is not mandatory as every transaction happens electronically. These solutions have made everything accessible globally. There are no restrictions or inhibitions left and traditional communication and sales methods have been sent packing into oblivion. Speed has been the biggest talking point of the process. The agility with which the transactions are carried out has been exemplary. Every detail is available on the web and before the buyer finishes yawning, the deal is sealed with all formalities. It has created space for a good web design company and web development company to thrive. Businesses have been given the opportunity to go global and establish a presence on the global forum.

Cost reduction has become possible in a big way. Since reconnaissance has become simpler, products have become easily available and their prices have gone down. The same products were exorbitantly priced when they were not easily available because they were deemed rare. Customers get to self service themselves and are not entitled to approach somebody to help them out. Ecommerce makes things self explanatory and lends a lot of solidity to websites. Any successful web development company or web design company would review ecommerce solutions as a channel of marketing through which any product can be marketed. Offshore outsourcing companies have had the chance of a lifetime working on these ecommerce solutions because of tremendous demand.

On the flip side, there have been some shortcomings noticed in ecommerce solutions. The first one is delivery. Since the goods are bought on the web, the exact date of delivery at times does prolonged. Even the shipping costs involved in the process go up. The next one is that though you see the product on the website, you are not sure whether it functions well in real life and the way it is packaged. Of course, no website would sell anyone wrong products and then risk lawsuits still one is uncertain about the workability of the product. The article ordered online might perish on the way of its delivery. If the good is malfunctioning, then returning it again becomes a very difficult job since the payment is already made. Another concern comes up with the number of transactions an individual is entitled to make. Most of the websites allow just one at a time.

Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Futuretronik a leading PHP Web Development Company in India is fastest growing Website Design Agency across the globe.

PHP which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source scripting language. It is commonly used for Developing Dynamic Websites and Web Applications. A lot of functionalities in the development arena with good system security and functional ease are provided by this robust server side application.

The Web Development Companies in India have surpassed in the field of PHP Website Development. Corporate Companies across the world are outsourcing their PHP Web Development Projects to the highly skilled Indian Php Web Developers so as to get more dynamic features added to their company websites.

The array of PHP Web Development Services provided by PHP Web Development India includes Development of Ecommerce Shopping Carts, Customized Web Development Application, Product Catalogs, Content Management System, ecommerce B2B B2C Web Portals Development, Payment Gateway, iPhone Application Development, Custom Php Application Development, Static and Dynamic Php MySql Websites Designing and Development kind of Website Development Services

Over the years Web Design Agency India has been continuously improved which has made PHP more interactive and enable to create applications and websites which have been used at a large scale in today’s technological world. PHP is most compatible with HTML and is one of the most preferred languages accepted across the globe for development of Web applications. With demands increasing day by day and number of websites going live, a bit of research is needed to find a company providing best PHP Website Development Solutions.

Outsourcing PHP Projects Development to India is becoming popular because Offshore Web Developers have got an outstanding experience in Custom Web Development, PHP Website Design, PHP Web Programming and Designing. WeTheDevelopers.com is Leading Web Design Agency in India has been providing PHP Website Designing and Web Application Development Services to clients world wide.

Web Design Agency India has become synonym to Web Development Applications as a lot of Web Development Companies in India USA Canada UK Australia Africa Europe have been using PHP and MySql due to its lots of advantages over other web programming languages such as VB.NET, ASP.NET, Java etc.

With a state of the art Global Web Development Center in Saurashtra Capital Rajkot in Gujarat India and a highly qualified and professional Php Web Developers, Php Website Programmers, Php Web Designers team in WeTheDevelopers also known as http://www.WeTheDevelopers.com has fruitfully delivered many Php Web Designing Website Development Projects to Corporate Clients in USA Canada Africa UK Australia Europe and in India as well.

PHP Web Development Costing Part – PHP is open source language, reducing not just the initial investment but also the execution, maintenance and debugging costs involved in the complete website development cycle throughout the Project. Consistency and Performance of PHP Web Development – Php MySql Web Development is highly Reliable and effective for any complex Web Development Applications used for corporate companies. Support of PHP Web Development – The open source nature of the technologies language provides easy and cost effective support to Design and Develop Various Customized Web Development Applications. High Security of PHP Website Development – PHP which runs on Apache Web Server which is much healthier and secured as compared to other languages such as ASP.NET, JAVA, VB.NET which runs on IIS.

Talented and expert Web Developers India, enthusiastic website professionals, php website designers, expert PHP Web Development have brought out India in outsourcing PHP development market. Web Design Agency India use PHP MySQL for different types of dynamic web applications in order to modify handy module accessible source code of custom application or modifying as per their client requirements.

Main Benefits of PHP Projects Outsourcing to a Company with experience in PHP Web Development in India are cheaper development cost, lower Web Application Development time to carry multiple mysql databases using least amount of resources.


WebSite Designing

Web Site Designing

A Web developer is a person or a company engaged in developing and implementing applications for the World Wide Web. Web developer tasks include programming, creating software applications, scripting, designing, graphics, and hosting and managing Websites.

There are many types of Web developer. A developer who writes code or scripts to create software programs on which a Website will run is likely to be referred to as a software developer or engineer. A person who maintains the site once it is running is called a Webmaster. And a person who designs the site, generates the graphics and handles HTML and semantics is known as a Web designer. But, contrary to popular belief, Web developers are not Web designers

When selecting a Web developer for your business, you need to look for overall value and the ability to be a long-term partner. Here are some important criteria for selecting the most suitable Web application developer.

Determine developer’s experience. As in all areas, experience brings knowledge of handling problems.

Request reliable, unbiased references and check samples of Websites that have been completed by the developer

Understand how the provider defines the success of a completed project. A good-looking site or a satisfaction survey is not enough. The most important metrics are SEO ranking and return on investment.

Ensure you know who owns the rights to the code and make sure that the entire project has open coding that you can have modified independently when required.

Using a qualified Web developer to create, update and maintain your Website has a number of benefits:

Simple and well-formed coding results in a better user experience, as the pages will require less bandwidth and load faster.

An experienced Web development team can create a structure that places the content and graphics in such a way that search engines can find relevant terms quickly.

A well-designed and well-developed site will allow you to take advantage of new developments in the future at a potentially lower cost. Using standardized techniques and coding means you can extend the interoperability of the underlying Web software.

Employing a well-qualified Web developer can help to control the costs. A well-executed site will have fewer bugs, which will mean less downtime.

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