Futuretronik will Endeavour to operate in a fair and reasonable manner at all times and it is part of our philosophy to ensure we maintain a great relationship with our clients. It is, however, important to have certain contractual aspects agreed in order to protect both parties. By commissioning Web site marketing services from NetPyx you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

For Marketing Executives:-

1. Standard price for the website development is 
a. Static Web Page:- INR 950
b. Dynamic Web Page:- INR 1900
c. Index Page:- Between INR 1200 – 2000

Note: – All the projects ranging between 5000 INR to 25000 INR will be calculated on the basis of
pages. After 25000 INR price of the website will be calculated on the requirement basis.

2. Definition Of Pages:-

a. Index Page: – The main page of a website or the Web document that serves as a starting point
or organizational center for a collection of Web documents. The first page or the homepage of
the website where all the linking to the major pages will be done. Flash banner and brief
description of the content inside the website will be placed on the index page which will also
have linking to the main pages.

b. Static Web Page: – A static web page is a web page that always comprises the same
information in response to all download requests from all users. It displays the same information
for all users, from all contexts, providing the classical hypertext, where navigation is performed
through “static” documents.

c. Dynamic Web Page: -A web document that is created from a database in real-time or “on the
fly” at the same time it is being viewed, providing a continuous flow of new information and
giving visitors a new experience each time they visit the web site. It includes all the forms n
enquiry pages.

3. Website’s minimum cost should be INR 5000/-.

4. If the website’s cost is less than 5000 INR Marketing executive is not entitled for any commission.

5. Commission Slab:- Commission slab will start after INR 5000 and it will be divided into 5 Slabs:- 
a. Slab A Project between INR 5,001-10,000 5% of the total price quoted.
b. Slab B Project between INR 10001- 20000 7% of the total price quoted
c. Slab C Project between INR 20,001- 40,000 9% of the total price quoted
d. Slab D Project between INR 40,000 – 80,000 11% of the total price quoted
e. Slab E Projects between INR 80,000 – 1,20,000 13% of the total price quoted

6. Designing: – Designing part will contain only one Flash banner containing 4-5 images for home page, if
needed, In case you need more flash banners in the website it’ll cost extra, depending on the effects and
number of Images. We will give 3 design revisions.

7. Content and images: – Content and images for the website will be provided by the client.

8. Completion time: – Depending on the website and availability of content, it will take 7- 15days after
the design freezing. Scheduled completion of the project directly depends on the availability of content

and images from your side. In case of delays due to non-availability of the same, the project can be
delayed and NetPyx will not be responsible for any delays because of this.

9. Quotation Finalization:- 
a. Quotes and estimates shall be deemed to correctly interpret the original specifications and are
based on the cost at the time the quote or estimate is given. If you later require any changes to
the quotes, and we agree to the changes, these changes will be charged at our prevailing rate
b. Once a quote has been confirmed by you, then the prices in the quote will be confirmed as the
final agreed price. A quote is confirmed as ‘final’ as soon as NetPyx and the customer both
agreed with the final price after any last changes requested by customer.
c. The price in the final quote may vary from the original request if there is any price or product
change requested by customers. NetPyx reserves the right to alter product and prices in the
quote, as long as the quote has not been confirmed with you.

10. Free Maintenance Period: – The free maintenance period will start after the final delivery of the
project for the time period of 6 months. In free service period, NetPyx will maintain the website, will do
minor content changes, will manage news and other minor updations. After the completion of free
service period customer need to opt for 6 or 8 months service period which is payable.

11. Payment Terms:- 
a. 40% payment will be taken as a token amount which will be later on adjusted in the full value.
b. 60% of payment needs to be paid before the final delivery of project after the final review.
c. All payments will be accepted either by Cheque or Online transfer.
d. All Cheques will be payable at NetPyx.
e. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the supplier shall invoice for the products upon delivery and
for the services after they are performed.