Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Main Factor :

Imagine your self going to an important meeting in a tattered suit, messed out hair and incorrect information, what sort of image would you have. Do you think you would be successful? To answer the question———— absolutely no way, you would not even be considered

Your website is your representative on the Internet; it is the reflection of your image. A tattered, messy website with broken links, incorrect content, missing metadata is also not worth considering.

The sole reason for a web site is to advertise to the world in large about yourself or your company. Imagine what sort of advertisement such a messy and un-maintained site would do. Even the best developed website needs constant maintenance and up gradation to remain at the top of the search engines and keep users coming back.

Website Maintenance is composed of six areas.

• Publishing- to keep content up-to-date.
• Quality Assurance-to spot errors on a site.
• Feedback Monitoring- communication with website visitors.
• Performance Monitoring-to measure activity on a site.
• Infrastructure Monitoring- to ensure a sound technical footing for a site.
• Change Control- to manage ongoing technical or other changes in co-ordination.

Maintenance & Up gradation:

Website Maintenance encompasses various actions needed to guarantee the operational integrity of a site.
This means regularly checking off

Broken links.
Missing content, e.g. images.
Missing page titles.
Spelling and grammar of content.
Missing metadata.
File sizes of pages to ensure they are not too large
Browser compatibility

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